abril 09, 2018

A few years ago, I started online shopping. Like everything in life, I have had good and bad experiences. When I have a good experience, I want to keep shopping at the same online store, and not give a chance to any other online store. I confess, I only know about Yoins because they contacted me by email.

white mac jacket store

I know that Yoins is a very well known online store, but I've never been on their website, until now. So, one of the most important things to notice are their policies. And for me, these four things are the most important.

Payment method - Delivery time - Shipping taxes - Return policies

International online stores normally have many ways to pay, so it's not a problem. Yoins delivery time to Portugal is between 7 to 16 business days, and the shipping is about $5 on purchases up to $50. In my opinion, the delivery time is the normal for these kinds of stores, and the shipping taxes are very good, comparing with other online stores. Finally, the return policy, surprised me in a good way, because it allows the return of items that have not met our expectations – how good is that? But, let's have in mind that I never had to return any item so, in practice, I don’t really know if they honor their return policies.

Of course, I have to visit some webpages. I see the prmotions for Mother's Day, because yes, Mother’s Day is coming, so you can see the Yoins Mother Day Sales here. I also give a quick look at sexy maxi dresses online and I have found some items that have totally stolen my heart.
wishlist Yoins
Frist dress  |  Secound dress  |  Bluse 

I love my shoulders so I chose two off the shoulder dresses, and this blouse, how can you not love this blouse? Which one is your favorite item?

You can also give a quick look to sexy maxi dress for women, because there are so many good options for spring and summer time. 

With love, Mó

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7 comentários

  1. Não conhecia esta loja, mas vou ter que ir espreitar o site :)
    Adorei o segundo vestido e a blusa!

  2. Adorei o segundo vestido! :P


  3. Adorei os teus selecionados! Lindas peças!
    Um beijinho,
    Beauty and Fashion | Instagram

  4. O vestido e a blusa são mesmo a minha cara! :)

  5. Confesso que não conhecia a loja, isto porque não costumo fazer muitas compras online. Já tive uma má experiência e além disso, prefiro experimentar mesmo e comprar na hora :)
    A minha peça favorita é a blusa :)

  6. Gostei de todos mas o primeiro vestido é lindo :D
    Vou espreitar a loja :D